Adult Protective Services (APS)

Elder Mistreatment in Long-Term Care Facilities

Risk and Protective Factors of Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Elder Abuse and Neglect Assessment Tool

Financial Decision Making across the Lifespan

Caregiving and Healthcare Policy

Positive Psychology

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Assistant Professor, Purdue University, 2018 – Present

  • In-Depth Analysis of Indiana Adult Protective Services’ Operational Plan
  • Evaluation of the National Adult Protective Services Training Center
  • Pathways to Safety for At-Risk Adults Experiencing Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation: Bridges from Adult Protective Services to Community-Based Services
  • Evaluation of California Adult Protective Services’ Use of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations
  • Montana Adult Protective Services’ System Transformation: Focus on Opioid Misuse
  • California & Montana Adult Protective Services’ Client Outcomes
  • Susceptibility to Mass Marketing Scam

Assistant Professor, University of California San Francisco, 2017 – 2018

  • California Adult Protective Services’ Client Outcomes
  • California Adult Protective Services’ Preparation to Participate in the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System
  • California Adult Protective Services’ Training
  • Adult Abuse Decision Support System
  • Evaluation of Cal MediConnect

Research Specialist, University of California San Francisco, 2015 – 2017

  • California Adult Protective Services’ Readiness to Participate in the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System
  • Model Building for Risk and Protective Factors of Elder Financial Exploitation
  • Adult Abuse Decision Support System
  • Evaluation of Cal MediConnect

Faculty Supervisor, University of San Francisco, 2013 – 2014

  • Elder Abuse, Protective Factors, and Public’s Perception

Lab Manager, Claremont Graduate University, 2009 – 2013

  • Relationships between Financial Exploitation, Risk Factors, and Protective Factors
  • Use of Money and Time across Lifespan: The Influence of Financial Literacy and Numeracy
  • Manacled Competition: Limiting Health Insurance Choices for the Elderly

Research Assistant, National Taiwan University, 2006 – 2008

  • A Study of Self-perception, Life Coping and Quality of Life among Retired Elderly People
  • The Development and Effectiveness Assessment of a Frailty Screening Tool & Interventive Care Model for Community Elderly